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Studies show that moisturizing with hyaluronic acid is effective for the treatment of vaginal dryness (1). Vaginal dryness is most commonly associated with menopause. When we reach menopause, estrogen goes for a steep decline, ...
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Indulge in long-lasting, rich hydration for hands and body. Specially crafted with essential oils, this citrus grove lotion will replenish skin’s moisture throughout the day. Enjoy this divine cream anywhere or everywhere in yo...
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Our Calendula Vitamin E Cream is an all-purpose topical cream that heals and protects the skin and that is perfect to keep on hand as a versatile first aid resource. • Featuring calendula, a classic anti-inflammatory wound-heal...
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Our ClearGlow tincture helps relieve skin conditions like mild acne, eczema, and psoriasis. • Alterative formula that removes toxins• Herbs that pertain specifically to dermatological conditions• Anti-inflammatory• Antibacteria...
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One of our most popular formulas, our Ear Oil is specifically intended for topical use in the ear as an analgesic for symptomatic relief of pain associated with ear infections (including swimmer’s ear) – Features the healing pr...

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